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Joruus C’baoth | Star Wars Legends // The Thrawn Saga

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When Grand Admiral Thrawn began organizing his campaign against the New Republic, he traveled to a planet known as Wayland. There he acquired secret technologies secretly hidden in the Emperor’s secret storehouse…along with the services of a Dark Jedi clone named Joruus C’baoth.

Created from the DNA of the Jedi Master Jorus C’baoth before he left on the ill fated Outbound Flight (as it later turned out, Thrawn was the one who destroyed the Outbound Flight in a pre-emptive strike), Joruus became a key figure in the Thrawn campaign, using his abilities to bolster Thrawn’s forces. However, Joruus was not only insane and unpredictable but also had dark ambitions of his own. C’baoth began plotting behind Thrawn’s back to seize control of the Empire and twist it into a realm where those trained in the Force would rule over lesser beings…