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Johnny Five / Short circuit & Short circuit 2

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In 1986 Astoria, Oregon, USA, the NOVA company unveiled their S.A.I.N.T. robot, developed by robotics experts Newton Crosby and Ben Jahveri.

These robotic soldiers were immune to extreme conditions and illness. Equipped with laser weapons, super strength, various tools and gadgets and capable of operating and making decisions independently.

At a live demonstration before the military the 5 prototypes proved their effectiveness.
Afterwards the 5th prototype was connected to an outlet to recharge, a bolt of lightning struck the powerline which surged down the charging outlet frying the robot’s circuitry.

The technicians deemed it was still in operating condition and ordered the robots to inside. Unaware that number 5…. was alive.

Somehow the lightning bolt had taken it’s intelligence from artificial to actual. #5 left and began to explore the area. In a way it was like an infant, trying to understand itself and it’s reality.

It was found by local Stephanie Speck who tried to hide him from NOVA’s militaristic security force.

After faking it’s own destruction #5 took the name Johnny Five. Crosby took him and Speck to the 40 acres of land he owned in Montana where Johnny could live in peace.

Johnny further began to develop his personality. He became affectionate, moral, friendly, naïve, curious and a strong sense of humor. He had a thirst for knowledge, a love of literature and pop culture, a sense of wonder and a deep value for life.

Fired from NOVA, Ben Jahveri ended up in New York, making toy robots out of his truck.
When Ben and his new partner received a huge order, Johnny arrived to help make them. Tempted to explore the city, Johnny soon learned how he was perceived by humans.

A gang of robbers tricked him into breaking into a bank vault. Then he was beaten and left for dead.

Johnny captured them and was almost killed. Afterwards he became a hero, with his friends he started Input Inc and was sworn in as the US’s 1st robotic citizen.