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John “Black Jack” Geary | The Lost Fleet

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Captain, and eventually Admiral, John Geary was the main character of the Lost Fleet book series and took part in the 100 year war between the Syndicate Worlds and the Alliance Systems. He was present at the first battle of the war where he reportedly died in a last stand to allow for convoy and his shipmates to escape from a Syndicate ambush which transformed his image into that of the greatest hero of the Alliance. His cryogenic stasis pod was found a century later by a massive Alliance fleet which had attempted a daring raid into the heart of the Syndicate worlds only to find it was a deadly trap. Following the death of all the senior staff of the fleet and his unusual circumstances regarding his length of service he took command and attempted to guide the large but battered Alliance fleet home while dodging Syndicate fleets and damaging their systems. Following his return of the fleet to a safe harbor he managed to strike a decisive blow that ended the war before being pulled into another conflict with an enigmatic race of aliens who had covertly begun the terrible conflict. John Geary then led a new fleet to explore the alien territories and came in contact with two other alien races while also witnessing, and in some cases supporting, Syndicate worlds in rebellion for their independence. Now he has returned to the Alliance to find internal power struggles, new divisions and runaway military projects to be threatening the Alliance as a whole and he must find a way to calm tensions and in some cases defend his people.