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Jerid Messa | Zeta Gundam

4 years agoOpen For Voting

Jerid Messa was the quintessential Titans officer, his combat skills outmatched only by his arrogance, ruthlessness, and disregard for collateral damage. The first time he met Kamille Bidan, Jerid insulted Kamille’s feminine name, leading to a scuffle between the two.

When Kamille helped the AEUG steal the Gundams, Kamille was ordered to destroy a specific capsule if the AEUG attempted to retrieve it. Jerid thought it was going to be a bomb that would destroy anyone unlucky enough to get close to it. When Kamille attempted to retrieve the capsule, Jerid fired…only to find out to his horror that the capsule actually contained Kamille’s mother, placed inside as a hostage by his superiors.

Jerid did not know what the Titans were planning, but despite an attempt at an apology by Jerid, damage had been done. From that point on, Jerid and Kamille became bitter archenemies, with both men killing each other’s friends and loved ones over the course of the Gryps Conflict. Jerid would become increasingly obsessed with killing Kamille, whom he would see as an obstacle to his ascension through the Titans’ ranks and a symbol of everything he had grown to hate about the AEUG…