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Gym Ghingham | Turn A Gundam

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The commander-in-chief of the Moonrace armed forces, Gym Ghingham spent much of his life playing virtual war simulations and was eager to put his talents to use in the escalating conflict between the Earth and the Moon. Ghingham officially served Agrippa Maintainer’s faction, but for all of Agrippa’s so-called authority, Agrippa was nothing more than a pawn for Ghingham and his own ambitions.

Ghingham believed that humanity could only achieve its full potential through constant warfare, and when he uncovered an ancient terrifying giant robot known as the Turn X, he realized that he could use its awesome powers to plunge the world into a new era of eternal war.

As the Moonrace Conflict reached its final stages, Ghingham would become the ultimate enemy to both the Earth and the Moon. Only Loran Cehack and the White Doll known as the Turn A Gundam could stop the mad Moon general’s Turn X and save humanity from Ghingham.