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GX-9900 Gundam X | Gundam X

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Developed by the United Nations Earth at the height of the 7th Space War, the GX-9900 Gundam X was one of the most advanced mobile suits in its time, equipped with a powerful satellite cannon capable of destroying a space colony with a single shot.

The Gundam X units, along with the other Gundams developed by the UNE, were deployed near the end of the 7th Space War in a desperate attempt to stop the Space Revolutionary Army’s mass colony drop. Despite their best efforts, the Gundams failed to stop the catastrophe that followed.

Of course, the horrific end of the 7th Space War was not quite the end of humanity; instead it was a prelude to the next chapter of human history. In the years after the war, several Gundam X units would end up in the hands of Vulture groups. One such Gundam X would end up in the hands of a young boy named Garrod Ran, who would end up joining the crew of the Freeden, led by former Newtype war hero Jamil Neate.