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Gilbert Durandal | Gundam SEED Destiny

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In the aftermath of the First Alliance-PLANT War, Gilbert Durandal was elected the new Chairman of the PLANT Supreme Council. Durandal believed that Naturals and Coordinators could live in peace and vowed to work tirelessly so that the world would never experience another Bloody Valentine War.

Nevertheless, the Earth Alliance raid on Armory One and the Junius colony drop jeopardized the fragile peace between Naturals and Coordinators. While Durandal hoped to find a diplomatic solution, the Earth Alliance, blaming the PLANTs for the disaster, launched an attack on the PLANT colonies, sparking the Second Alliance-PLANT War.

It was during the early weeks of the Second Alliance-PLANT War that a strange incident occurred in the Orb Union. A team of assassins attempted to kill Lacus Clyne, who had been living in Orb after the previous war’s end. It was only thanks to the intervention of Kira Yamato that the assassins were thwarted, but the would-be killers committed suicide rather than face capture.

The members of the Three Ships Alliance began to suspect that the one who ordered the assassination attempt on Lacus was none other than Durandal. As the Three Ships Alliance battled both Earth Alliance and ZAFT forces in an attempt to stop the war from escalating further, their agents began launching investigations into Durandal’s actions.

As it turned out, Gilbert Durandal had an old friend Kira Yamato knew very well – Rau Le Creuset. However, as the Three Ships Alliance continued to dig into Durandal’s motives, they came to the realization that Durandal was more dangerous than they originally thought.

As the war continued to rage across the globe, Durandal began making moves to destabilize the Earth’s nations, all to prepare humanity for his vision of the future, which he called the Destiny Plan…