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Gihren Zabi | Mobile Suit Gundam

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After Garma Zabi, favorite son of Zeon monarch Degwin Sodo Zabi and Zeon Earth Occupation Commander, was killed while pursuing the White Base, Zeon held an elaborate state funeral for Garma. What people would most remember about the funeral was a speech made by Gihren Zabi, Garma’s elder brother and commander in chief of Zeon’s military.

In his speech, Gihren commanded the people of Zeon to turn their collective grief into rage against the Federation before ending it with two words that will be shouted by Zeon troops in hatred and defiance: Sieg Zeon.

At that moment, everyone who was watching this knew that the one in charge of Zeon was not Degwin but Gihren, who would later be called the Universal Century’s very own Adolf Hitler.