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Fortune Hunters / Crimson Skies

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In an alternate 1930s, Zeppelins crisscross the skies over North America like ships on the sea. But with modern air shipping came modern air pirates, like the Fortune Hunters.

The gang was founded by Nathan Zachary, pilot in air shows and the Great War, worked as a stock broker until the 1929 market crash. By 1934, Zachary had come to serve the zeppelin, Fulcrum. Eventually mutinying against its captain and creating the Fortune Hunters.

While other pirates can be ruthless and merciless, the Fortune Hunters are dedicated to being “gentlemen pirates.” Unnecessary violence and killing is unacceptable, prisoners are always kept alive and well until they are released. This is reflected in their logo, 4 tarot cards. Wealth, lovers, death, but the first is justice. The Fulcrum was renamed the Pandora, after Pandora’s box, which contained all the evils of the world, but also hope.

The Fortune Hunters have been both villains and heroes. Their more notable crimes include stealing a prototype fighter plane, the Spruce Goose and the Russian royal jewels.
But among their other escapades are expelling the British Empire from the kingdom of Hawaii, unmasking the murderous criminal kingpin Lucas Miles and defeating Die Spinne, a Nazi organization determined to take over North America.