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Federation of the Americas | Call of Duty

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“The Federation’s rise to power had started years ago. When the great energy-producing deserts were destroyed, the world powers that depended on them collapsed. And in their wake, the Federation began to rise. The Federation united all of South America under one banner, and devoured everything in its path as it moved relentlessly to the north.„~ Hesh explaining the Federation’s rise to power in the opening of “Brave New World”.

The Federation, officially the Federation of the Americas (FA) (Spanish: Federacion de las Américas, Portuguese: Federação das Américas), is a political, economic, and military union of North and South American nations that have risen to power in the alternate timeline of Call of Duty: Ghosts, where it serves as the game’s main antagonist faction. The Federation’s capital is Caracas, Venezuela. While it is unknown who leads the Federation itself after Almagro’s death, Gabriel T. Rorke is one of their top agents.