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Empire of the Rising Sun | Command and Conquer: Red Alert

4 years agoOpen For Voting

In the aftermath of the Soviet Wars, the once mighty Soviet Union found itself on the brink of collapse. As the old Communist regime crumbled, Colonel Anatoly Cherdenko launched a desperate plan to reverse their fortunes. Using plans stolen from Albert Einstein’s lab, the Soviets had created their own tactical time machine. Accompanied by Dr. Zelinsky and General Krukov, Cherdenko traveled into the past and erased Einstein from existence!

When the three Soviet men returned from the past, they discovered that the timeline had changed. Instead of collapsing, the Soviets had just overrun Europe and started invading Britain, the last Allied nation left. Cherdenko was pleased, even more so when he found out he was now Premier of the Soviet Union. As you can imagine, Krukov was not thrilled over this. Still he couldn’t complain since the Soviets were on the brink of triumph.

And then, the Soviets were attacked by an enemy nation they hadn’t anticipated – the Empire of the Rising Sun, a futuristic version of Japan. The Rising Sun had spent decades waiting in the shadows as the Allies and Soviets fought for supremacy, building a vast arsenal of bizarre war machines and terrifying weapons of mass destruction. Under the leadership of Emperor Yoshiro, the Empire was now ready to pursue its divine destiny as the mightiest power over the world.

Cherdenko stared in horror at this unfortunate turn of events. Worse still, without Einstein, there was no atomic research and no nuclear defenses against the Rising Sun. And thus, the Soviets found themselves caught in a three way battle between the Allied and the Empire…