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Emperor Palpatine | Star Wars

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Sheev Palpatine’s story was a well known story about the dangers of absolute power. The Senator of Naboo, Palpatine became chancellor of the Republic as a result of the Battle for Naboo. Palpatine led the Republic throughout the Clone Wars, which ended with the final defeat of the Confederacy and the failed Jedi coup that led to the Great Jedi Purge. Palpatine, declaring himself ruler of the First Galactic Empire, would go on to become the greatest tyrant in galactic history.

That was the story everyone knew. However, in the years following his death at the Battle of Endor and the collapse of the Empire, a different account began to emerge that many have found it difficult to believe. That story concerned a Sith master known as Darth Sidious. It was Sidious who engineered the Battle for Naboo, acting as a silent partner for the Trade Federation. It was Sidious who acted as the secret master for Dooku’s Confederacy, with Dooku, also known as Darth Tyranus, carrying out his orders.

From the minute the Jedi learned of his existence, the Jedi masters made numerous attempts to track down and stop Sidious. What the Jedi didn’t know or even suspect was that Darth Sidious was hiding in plain sight. The man who called himself Darth Sidious was none other than Chancellor Palpatine…