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Earth Alliance OMNI Forces | Gundam SEED

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For decades, tensions have been growing between genetically engineered Coordinators and Naturals, as normal humans are called, represented by the growing conflict between the PLANT colonies and the world’s nations. On February 5, Cosmic Era 70, the United Nations hosted a summit between the PLANT colonies and the world’s leaders in Copernicus City on the Moon. However, a terrorist bombing killed much of the UN leadership, including the UN Secretary General, along with the leaders from every major nation. The PLANT chairman only survived because the shuttle he was on suddenly malfunctioned.

With the PLANTs blamed for the terrorist incident, war had become inevitable. Two days after what would be known as the Tragedy of Copernicus, representatives from the Atlantic Federation, the Eurasian Federation, the Republic of East Asia, and the South African Union officially declared the United Nations dead and announced a new successor organization to oppose Coordinator militancy and neutralize an imminent invasion from the PLANTs known as the Earth Alliance. The military forces of the Earth Alliance’s member states would operate under the unified command of the Earth Alliance OMNI Forces. The Earth Alliance would soon declare war against the PLANTs, with the Bloody Valentine incident sparking the First Alliance-PLANT War soon after…