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Crime Boss Diavolo | JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure

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There was a well known story among the Passione Syndicate concerning its Hitman Team and its unseen leader, known only as The Boss. The Hitman Team, dissatisfied with getting chump change for their kills, asked their Boss for territory that would give them a bigger piece of the action. The Boss refused their request, prompting two of its members, Sorbet and Gelato, to investigate his identity.

One day, Sorbet and Gelato didn’t show up for the Hitman Team’s meeting, much to their concern. They eventually found Gelato dead, suffocated to death. On his corpse was a note with a single word: punishment. Over the next couple of days, they started receiving strange packages. When the Hitman Team opened them, they discovered to their horror that the packages contained Sorbet’s corpse, cut into 36 formalin frames! It was evident that the Boss had Sorbet brutally murdered as an example to anyone who might try to discover his secret identity…and Gelato, forced to watch the whole thing, choked himself to death out of sheer terror.

The Hitman Team decided it would be best not to go after the Boss over this. It wasn’t until later that the Hitman Team found out the Boss had a daughter named Trish Una. The Hitman Team decided to go rogue and try to capture Trish so that they could use her to find the Boss and get revenge.

Bruno Bucciarati and his crew were assigned to guard Trish, fighting off the Hitman Team as they escorted her to Venice. However, upon discovering that the Boss had actually intended to kill Trish to preserve his secret, Bucciarati and his crew turned against the Boss. It would not be long before they would come face to face with the Boss himself, the master villain known as Diavolo.