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Concept-X 6-1-2 Turn X | Turn A Gundam

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There was a secret that was known to certain members of the Moonrace known only as the Black History. It had been hidden from everyone until members of the Earth militias, accompanied by Loran Cehack and Queen Dianna’s loyalists, traveled to the moon and uncovered the awful truth about the Earth’s past.

According to the Black History, there was a time before the Correct Century, when humanity was united under a world government and established colonies floating in space and across the solar system. However, wars soon broke out between the people of Earth seeking greater control over its colonies and the people in space seeking independence from their home planet. No one knew the exact sequence that led to the final catastrophe, but what was known was that it was the ancient weapon known as the System Turn A-99 Turn A Gundam that destroyed human civilization with a horrific ability known as the Moonlight Butterfly.

As horrifying as the Turn A’s true nature was, that was not the only shocker. As it turned out, the Turn A had a brother unit known as the Concept-X 6-1-2 Turn X, believed to have been constructed outside of the solar system. The discovery of the Turn X and the subsequent fear of an invasion from outer space led the people of Earth to use the Turn X’s technology to create the Turn A. Eventually, war broke out between those who wanted progress and those who wanted to reset civilization, with the Turn A and Turn X at the center of that catastrophic conflict.

For eons, the Turn X was buried in the moon…until the mad Moonrace general Gym Ghingham excavated the giant robot. In the final stages of the Moonrace Conflict, Ghingham, with the power of the Turn X, would become the ultimate enemy to the Earth and the Moon, and the only thing that could stop the Turn X was its ancient enemy, the Turn A…