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Coalition of Ordered Governments | Gears of War

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“I am responsible for myself and my actions; I shall conduct myself honorably, and live a clean and frugal life. I have responsibilities to my fellow citizens. I shall be loyal to them, and humble, because we are elements of a greater whole, and without them I am nothing, I have responsibilities to our society; I shall understand and respect my place in it, defend it, and work to make it prosperous, so that I may receive society’s protection, and that we may hand on safety and prosperity to future generations.”
—Opening lines of the Octus Canon
An imperialistic socialist / fascist alliance of nations, the COG warred with the Union of Independent Republics for 80 years during the Pendulum Wars, fighting for control of Imulsion deposits and to advance the governing philosophy of the COG Allfathers. The nation of Tyrus is the center of COG power, with the capital city of Ephyra being the headquarters of the COG military and office of the Chairman. After winning the Pendulum Wars with the Hammer of Dawn, the COG enjoyed six brief weeks of world domination before the Locust emerged.