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Chang Wufei | Gundam Wing

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The heir to the Long Clan, which had been exiled to the aging L5 colony A0206, Chang Wufei was married at a young age to another heir to the Long Clan named Long Meilan. They didn’t get along as Meilan saw Wufei as unfit to carry on the Long name due to his preference for book-study over fighting, while Wufei did not agree with her idea of justice and felt she did not deserve to call herself Nataku, after the Japanese name for the Taoist protection deity Nezha.

When Meilan was killed in a battle against Alliance troops that attempted to destroy the colony with biological weapons, Wufei swore to uphold her fight for justice. Renaming his Shenlong Gundam Nataku, Wufei agreed to participate in Operation Meteor…only to find out his colony would be used by the Long Clan for a colony drop as part of Operation Meteor.

Unwilling to be part of such a genocidal campaign, Wufei went rogue and stole the Shenlong Gundam before flying to Earth to fight for justice his own way.