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Battle of Daedalus | Gundam SEED Destiny

3 years agoOpen For Voting

The Earth Alliance, once formed to oppose Coordinator militancy and neutralize PLANT invasions, had collapsed, but Lord Djibril, having fled to outer space, was still determined to destroy the PLANT colonies and get his revenge against ZAFT. Arriving at Daedalus Base on the moon, Djibril prepared to unleash a super weapon known as Requiem against the PLANT capital colony Aprilius One in a decapitation strike against ZAFT.

ZAFT sent a strike team to stop Requiem from firing, and the ensuing battle caused Requiem to go out of alignment. When Requiem fired, it missed Aprilius One and ended up hitting Januarius 1-4, with Januarius 4 colliding with December 7 and 8, killing over 900000 Coordinators. Enraged at this atrocity, PLANT Chairman Gilbert Durandal decided to deal with Djibril once and for all.

Under orders from Durandal, ZAFT launched a retaliation attack against Daedalus in the hopes of stopping Requiem before Djibril could fire again.