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Battle of A Baoa Qu | Mobile Suit Gundam

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Dec 31, UC 0079 – The Earth Federation began final preparations for Operation Star One, an offensive against Zeon’s last stronghold A Baoa Qu. However, Zeon’s monarch, Degwin Sodo Zabi, having grown weary of the war after the deaths of his two sons Garma and Dozle, contacted Federation General Johann Revil in the hopes of negotiating an armistice that will bring the war to an end. Revil, believing his intentions were genuine, agreed to meet him.

One could only speculate on what might have happened afterwards. It was certainly possible that this act might have created a lasting peace between the two sides. However, Gihren, having been aware of the secret meeting between Degwin and Revil, decided to use an experimental colony superlaser called the Solar Ray to assassinate his own father.

All it took was a single choice between what can be and what should not have been. In that moment, Gihren killed Degwin and Revil along with one third of the Federation’s forces with the Solar Ray. The Federation, believing that they have been betrayed, soon retaliated against Zeon.

And thus began the siege of A Baoa Qu, the final battle of the First Zeon War.