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Avant-Garde France | Red Flood

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In the Hearts of Iron 4 mod, Red Flood, World War 1 was an absolute disaster for everyone involved. Few historians can make a strong argument for whether there was ever a victor, but they can agree that this was certainly the seminal catastrophe of the 20th century. France, never a nation known for its political stability, devolved into a bloodbath between political agitators across the spectrum. When a continuous piece was restored to the nation It was under the ideology of Accelerationism, born from the Avant-Garde movement, combining the ideals of early 20th century art movements like surrealism and futurism, with populist nationalism, seemingly defying all previous political theory. Antonin Artuad, a playwright and Great War veteran has colored himself as a god among men must lead France, either as a beast of culture, a den of degeneracy, or even as a Tribal Confederacy returning humanity to it’s roots as animals