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Athrun Zala | Gundam SEED

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The son of the PLANT National Defense Chairman Patrick Zala, Athrun Zala joined ZAFT after his mother was killed in the Bloody Valentine incident that sparked the First Alliance-PLANT War and soon became an accomplished mobile suit pilot. Athrun was part of the ZAFT team that attacked the colony of Heliopolis when he ran into the last person he expected to see – his childhood friend Kira Yamato, who ended up becoming the pilot of the Strike Gundam and joined the Earth Alliance.

Believing Kira had been manipulated by the Naturals, Athrun would become Kira’s rival, clashing with him several times as ZAFT pursued the Archangel and the Strike Gundam. However, as the war between the Earth Alliance and ZAFT raged on, Athrun would develop serious doubts about the war, especially after seeing his father succumb further into insanity. And as the Bloody Valentine War was about to reach a horrific climax, Athrun would be forced to make a choice…