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Age of Metal / Brutal Legend

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This may also be called the Metal World or the Metal Lands, it was just called the world in the game.

This world was born with the death of the god Ormagöden, the eternal firebeast. The lithesome first ones tried to douse his flaming body, but Ormagöden preferred to destroy himself which give the world the elements of blood, fire, noise and metal.

Born too from his death were the Titans, giants who came to dominate the world, creating many great works of art and engineering including a new kind of music, one with the power to summon a force from deep within the ground, which the Titans used to power their civilization. They called it, heavy metal.

Eventually the Titans assented into the havens to become gods. A few went to live deep beneath the earth to forge the land. But before they left, they wove what they had created into the natural world, teaching spider to spin guitar strings for webs and plants to grow cymbals for leaves. They carved instructions showing how to put these elements together, along with the words…
“We give our secrets to the future generations. So they may know the glory of metal.”

This world has many climates, and is covered with the remnants of the Titans, epic landmarks and wild life both majestic and terrifying. And if you look close, you will see the supplies for metal culture being produced by the natural world.

It has been home to many factions such as the demonic Tainted Coil, the human tribes of Blade Henge and the Zaulia.