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7th Space War | Gundam X

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War…war never changes…

There were a series of brutal conflicts between Earth and its space colonies known as the Space Wars. It was the 7th Space War that wound up being the most catastrophic war in history. No one knew the exact sequence that led to the beginning of that war, but everyone knew how it ended, with dozens of space colonies dropped onto the surface of the earth.

There was no victor in the the 7th Space War, just losers on all sides. The devastation against the Earth was on a scale beyond anyone has feared. Nine billion lives were lost in the catastrophe and only a hundred million miserable souls survived this terrible ordeal.

However, this was not quite the end of humanity; instead, it was a prelude to the next chapter in human history, forged in fire and blood. It has often been said that as long as life endures, hope can prevail. It has often been said that as long as humanity still exists, war will always exist.

And war…war never changes…