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Von Braun City | Mobile Suit Gundam

The first and largest of the lunar cities, Von Braun City was built next to the landing site of Apollo 11. It was often said that whoever could gain control of Von Braun would ultimately control the moon itself.

Anti Earth Union Group | Zeta Gundam

In the face of escalating atrocities committed by the Titans, outraged civilians and Federation soldiers banded together to form the Anti Earth Union Group. The AEUG was not necessarily against the Federation but rather they were opposed to the elitist Earthnoids that enabled the brutality of the Titans. The organization launched a guerilla campaign against …

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Bernard Wiseman | Gundam 0080

A member of a Zeon special forces unit called the Cyclops Team that was sent to Side 6 as part of Operation Rubicon, a covert mission to capture or destroy an experimental Gundam called the Alex

The Commonwealth | Xeelee Sequence

After driving the Xeelee out of the Milky Way, the central government collapsed and humanity spreads out of the galaxy. In 90000AD humanity would be reunified under the Commonwealth to wage war on the Xeelee across the VIrgo Supercluster.

Interim Coalition of Governance | Xeelee Sequence

Extremely xenophobic government emerged after 2 alien subjugation of humanity, to lead humanity in a xenocidal campaign across the galaxy and a war to drive the god-like beings Xeelee out of the galaxy.

The Survey Corps / Attack on Titan

They are the Wings of Freedom of Humanity. They are the branch of the military that is tasked with the exploration of the lands outside the walls.

Alfred Izuruha | Gundam 0080

A young boy living in Side 6 whose life changed forever when he met a Zeon soldier named Bernie in the last days of the First Zeon War

G.I. Joe | G.I. Joe: A Real American Hero

G.I. Joe is the code name for America’s elite special missions force. Its purpose: to defend human freedom against Cobra, a ruthless terrorist organization determined to rule the world.