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Battle of New Caprica | Battlestar Galactica

After months under the yoke of Cylon occupation, a daring mission was launched by the Battlestars Galactica and Pegasus in conjunction with resistance fighters on the ground to liberate the remnants of humanity.

Cosmo Babylonia | Gundam F91

30 years after the Zeon Wars ended, the colony known as Frontier IV was taken over by the Crossbone Vanguard and became the center of a new colony nation called Cosmo Babylonia, ruled by the Ronah dynasty. Cosmo Babylonia ended up being short lived, as the nation would collapse just five years later. However, while …

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Seabook Arno | Gundam F91

When the Crossbone Vanguard attacked his home colony of Frontier IV, young Seabook Arno would find himself piloting an advanced mobile suit called the Gundam F91, developed by his estranged mother for the Federation. As the conflict against the newly established Cosmo Babylonia escalated, Seabook would use the F91 to battle the Vanguard, even as …

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The Hebalonians & the Zeriths / Stings (2004)

2 civilizations that had been bitter enemies for generations. This film was not a well told story in my opinion. But in it they did something I find fascinating, something I’ve never seen in any story before or since. Lots of stories imagine or re-imagine places and nations. In Strings, they re-imagined life itself.

The Great War | Starcraft

When the Terrans came into contact with the Protoss and the Zerg, no one was prepared for the horrific chain of events that would ensue. When the Great War, as the conflict would become known as, was over, the Terran Confederacy was destroyed, and both the Zerg and the Protoss had suffered catastrophic losses, with …

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The Laughing Man | Ghost in The Shell

A Super Class-A Hacker. Although their true identity has been the subject of much speculation ever since their sudden and nation-shaking first appearance during the kidnapping incident that bears their name, very little is known about them. Some say there was never an original Laughing Man at all, just copycats imitating other copycats, and that …

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Black Ghost | Cyborg 009

A criminal cartel comprised of arms dealers, warmongers, and mad scientists seeking to create the next major war in which they can sell terrifying high tech weapons to both sides of the conflict