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New Vegas | Fallout

War… War never changes, but not Vegas. New Vegas, as Las Vegas is now called, remains a mecca for gamblers and criminals. As armies battle each other in the wastelands, people go about their daily lives or risk it all in the casinos, if only to distract themselves from the possibility that war might one …

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Viltrum Empire | Invincible

The Viltrum Empire is a powerful world conquering faction comprised of the Viltrumites which are a powerful warrior race.

Jerid Messa | Zeta Gundam

Jerid Messa was the quintessential Titans officer, his combat skills outmatched only by his arrogance, ruthlessness, and disregard for collateral damage. The first time he met Kamille Bidan, Jerid insulted Kamille’s feminine name, leading to a scuffle between the two. When Kamille helped the AEUG steal the Gundams, Kamille was ordered to destroy a specific …

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Living Dead Division | Gundam Thunderbolt

A Zeon squadron made up of amputees fitted with metal prosthetic limbs, the Living Dead Division protected the Thunderbolt Sector from the Federation, fighting with the Moore Brotherhood numerous times during the First Zeon War.

Kamille Bidan | Zeta Gundam

Kamille Bidan had come to visit his parents, both working for the Federation and the Titans, in the Gryps colony when the AEUG raided the Titans facility and stole prototype Gundams. Kamille helped the AEUG steal the Gundams, resulting in a chain of events that led to his parents ultimately dying – his mother inadvertently …

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The Xeelee | Xeelee Sequence

A hyperadvanced species and the top of all Baryonic species. They have technology far beyond anyone in the stories. They have always existed and at war with the dark matter species Photino Birds since the Big Bang. Not much is known about the Xeelee themselves, so maybe focus on their technology, creations and the war …

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The Time Lords | Doctor Who

The Time Lords are an ancient extraterrestrial species, of which the Doctor is a member. They are most famous for the creation of time travel.

The Gryps Conflict | Zeta Gundam

On July 31, UC 0085, anti-Federation protests erupted at Colony 30 in Side 1. When the protests escalated into violent riots, the Federation counter insurgency unit known as the Titans flooded the colony with poison gas, killing all ten million inhabitants. Outrage erupted when word spread of the massacre…and increased when the Federation refused to …

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