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Please Note: Due to the complexities involved with investigating alternate worlds, we are unable to guarantee that the ideas posted here will be made into episodes. Available content, scheduling, and ensuring a diversity of episodes will always take precedence. Additionally, topics submitted here need to be manually approved. Your submitted idea may take a few days to show up. 

When submitting an episode, include the full name of the topic without any abbreviation or acronym followed by the franchise/universe it is apart of. For example “United Federation of Planets | Star Trek”.  If either a topic or franchise has multiple names, include // between them. For Example: “Rusviet Tsardom | Iron Harvest // 1920+. Any submission not following this format will be automatically deleted. 


Mainline:  Investigating the nations, factions, and organizations of alternate worlds.

Dossier: Investigating the legendary figures from alternate worlds.

Atlas: Investigating the most storied places from across alternate worlds.

High Command: Investigating the greatest battles, conflicts, and wars from across alternate worlds.

Incoming: Discussing the theories and ideas found across alternate worlds.

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